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Interim Management

When a key member of staff leaves, for whatever reason, there is a real need to ensure that the situation created by the departure does not have a negative impact on performance, productivity and morale. However, managing this whilst trying to recruit a replacement can be difficult. Due to the length of notice periods senior executives serve, often the recruitment process can take between three and six months. An Interim Manager can help fill this breach during the transition period.

This is why Succession Management additionally offers an Interim Manager solution. Interim Managers provide a flexible employment resource; committed to a finite length of tenure, they are client-oriented, apolitical and focused on achievement. Your organisational gap can be effectively covered and continuity maintained while you take the time to recruit the right permanent executive.

Interim Managers are also ideal resource solutions to managing one-off projects or where you need to 'buy in' specific technical or non-technical expertise for a short period of time.

We hold an extensive database of Interim Managers and will identify and interview candidates on your behalf in order to provide you with a target minimum of 2 CVs per interim assignment. Succession Management then negotiates and agrees terms and conditions with the Interim Manager on your behalf and invoices you for the interim services; this avoids any payroll issues for you since the successful candidate is contracted to us and we pay them directly.


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