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Why We Are Different
Image of Lewis Eccleston

Lewis Eccleston, Managing Director

"We have an enviable network of global contacts and access to candidates other agencies may not be able to reach."

“I established Succession Management to provide the type of service I had wanted, but not found, as a line manager involved in recruiting senior executives, senior and middle managers and specialists for the organisations I worked for.

“In my experience, and I know I’m not alone in this, few generalist agencies know the difference between, for example, a consumer collections manager and a commercial credit controller. And that a collections manager may excel at operational management or concentrate on setting strategy – and occasionally both. It was not unusual to receive a flood, or more usually a trickle, of highly inappropriate or unqualified CVs. Sometimes out of desperation, I would see one or some of them for interview and because it had taken so long to get to that stage, at times I was in the position of having to hire someone in the absence of an ideal candidate because the business was suffering, only to find they failed, left, upset the rest of the team or lost clients.

“In forming Succession Management, my aim was to provide clients with a choice of appropriate candidates for their roles every time, candidates who they would not necessarily be able to access via other means. I have brought together a team who have worked for many years in the industry sectors we specialise in, who have dealt with the issues you have to deal with and who really understand the roles they are headhunting for. We have an enviable network of global contacts from diverse sources and access to candidates other agencies may not be able to reach. Because of our backgrounds, once we have established contact, we are able to talk credibly about your opportunity.

“Additionally, we will always interview every candidate before submitting his/her CV to you and will deliberate each candidate’s fit against your criteria, before you get to see them. It then goes without saying that we keep both you and the candidate informed at each stage along the way.”


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